The Project

The Project



Bulgarian National Television, Virginia Records, Symphonics International


Composers: Borislav Milanov; Sebastian Arman, Joackim Bo Persson, Alex Omar, Alexander Blay


Over the past few years, Eurovision entries have been gradually shifting towards a more cinematic approach, focused on story-telling rather than just presenting a musical piece. So when we refer to ¨Beautiful Mess¨, we want to call it a story and not just a song. The story here is quite simple – it’s about love. But we don’t mean love in the sense of feelings between two persons, but rather love for humanity and friendship, as both are an integral part of the core values of the Eurovision Song Contest. The main character is a youngster who is facing a world full of darkness that he is living in and is searching for an oasis of light for him and the people he is willing to fight for. “Beautiful Mess” is a story of contrasting pictures and characters – both on the dark and bright side, all combined into one eclectic mixture. Our project this year is dedicated to all young people living in the midst of insecure and confused world. We are urging them to define themselves and fight for the values they believe in.



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